She has significant and diverse experience in the field of business management, particularly in finance and accounting.She can easily adapt to a dynamically changing environment, some thing that requires broad knowledge, organizational insight and flexibility. She is able to work creatively within the framework of corporate policies, always keeping the employer’s financial interests in focus.

Main competencies, features

Result oriented
Structured work
Problem perception and solving

Abiding by the rules
Team leader


Good organizer


  • Diploma in Economy (1998) – University of Economy, Budapest

  • Economist (1996) – University of Economy, Budapest


  • 15 years of experience in business management

  • Continuous promotions from assistant to CFO, then MD positions

  • Implementing new systems in all assignments

  • Change management and project work

Work experience

XY Zrt. –Hungary (1 October 1 2015 – )
(Company:3 billion HUF revenue, 150 headcount)

Economic Director

  • 4 direct reports

  • Appraisal of functioning of the group of companies, mapping out synergies, transforming processes in order to improve efficiency, and then implementing them in the entire organization

  • Launching a new document handling system, implementing paper free office, 20% cost saving

  • Designing a new ERP, preparing it for launch and implementing it, 15% cost saving

XY Development and Manufacturing Zrt. – Hungary (2009-2015)
(Company:4 billion HUF revenue, 200 headcount)

Member of the Board – Business Director

  • 5 direct reports

  • Preparation of strategic decisions based on financial analyses

  • Supervising, reviewing and controlling finance, controlling, accounting, HR and procurement processes

  • Suggestions to improve processes, 18% cost saving

  • In line with the corporate strategy, preparing long range financial plans and budget

  • CF management and forecast

  • Preparing the interim and annual auditing of accounts and continuous coordination, writing reports

  • Keeping in contact with banks and managing loans

  • Keeping contact with Taxation Authority (re. tax inspections)

  • Debt management

  • Drafting finances for public procurement tenders

  • Keeping contact with foreign suppliers

  • Financial planning of R&D tenders, follow-up during the active period

  • Reviewing the management of foreign companies pertaining to the group of companies, 10% cost saving

XY Kft. –Hungary (2007-2008)

  • 16 direct reports

  • Crisis management

  • Preparing acquisitions

  • Designing new price policy

  • Reviewing and modifying suppliers’ contracts

  • Transferring HR management, implementing new remuneration structure

  • Financial planning and redesigning CF management

  • Optimization of PR and marketing activities, 10% cost saving

  • Designing a new service and its launch

  • Procurement of modern technology

  • Preparing for introducing new techniques

  • Integrating controlling mechanism into the existing systems

YZ Research and Manufacturing Zrt. – Hungary (2003-2007)
Business Director

QY Rt. – Hungary (1995-2003)

  • Business Director (1999-2003)

  • Student trainee (1995-1999)

IT skills


  • MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  • HABEL Document handling and archive system

Language skills

  • English: negotiation level

  • German: medium level

  • Spanish: basic level