More than 15 years of experience in the field of supply chain. C level management experience, with manufacturing and commercial background. In focus: operation and growth. He has worked in a multinational environment, gained skill in several professional fields including operations planning, procurement, quality assurance, order management, transportation, warehousing, project management and process improvement. He has good managerial skills and is effective in client communication. He can pay attention to strategic and operation aspects as well as developing people. He has a problem solving and result oriented mind-set. He has systems, structures, processes on mind and keeps continuous improvement in his focus.

Main competencies, features

Result oriented
Management skills
Problem solving


Complex administration
Relationship building

Systemic thinking
Good organizer
Client focus


Economist –Budapest College of Management 
Foreign Trade and Customs Expert – KOTK Budapest 

Professional career

  • 15 years of experience in supply chain and operations

  • Multinational environment

  • Strong client focus

Work experience

AC Kft. –Hungary (2018-2018)
(Company: 5 billion HUF revenue, 70 headcounts)

Director Supply Chain

  • 8 direct reports

  • Member of the local management team

  • Full P&L responsibility for supply chain, including procurement, buying raw materials and packaging materials, operation planning, transport and warehousing

  • Inventory management, order handling

  • Crisis management and organizational development focus in view of product recalls at the level of the holding

  • Achievements: changed the warehousing structure, decreased storage costs and pallet capacity needs: saving 4 million HUF. Decreased transportation costs by tons by 5%

LZ Rt. –Hungary (2016-2016)
(Company:10 billion HUF revenue, 220 headcounts)

Operations Director

  • 6 direct reports middle managers, 130 indirect reports

  • In charge of continuous improvement, the entire daily logistics, budgeting, P&L, Capex

  • RE, HSEQ, logistic agreements, return of products, warehousing, machinery, packaging material supply, IB&OB transportation, organizing all warehouse and pick-up point processes

  • HR: ensuring the proper workforce

  • He worked in two locations in parallel: in Prague (strategy, development, automation) and Budapest (daily operations, project management)

  • Achievements: he diminished the cost in supply contracts, particularly transportation costs by 7%

  • Inventory optimization: 440 million HUF savings

SLM Kft. –Hungary (2012-2016)
(Company: 10 billion HUF revenue, 220 headcounts)

Customer Service and Logistics Director

  • P&L, Capex and annual budget

  • Direct management of the logistic department, including IT and Customer Service

  • Managing agreements with key customers

  • Managing more than 40 supplier portfolios

  • He developed KPI's that became the basis of motivation and performance assessment system for both white and blue collar workers

  • Strategic decision: after reducing by 70% the sales volume, outsourcing the supply chain of key accounts

  • Achievements: decreased the inventory backing from 1.6 month to 1.1 month

  • Average wait time for calls: 13 sec, rate of lost calls: under 2%, answering e-mails on average within one or two hours, with a 85% rate.

  • OTD remained 99.8%

  • Monthly faulty order: 0.09% (26/28k)

  • Delivery in 12 hours instead of 24

HRV Zrt. –Hungary (2007-2011)
(Company: 4 billion HUF revenue, 170 headcounts)

Customer Service and Logistics Director

  • As a member of the local Management Team, he was in charge of budgeting, P&L, S&OP, Capex, forecasts

  • He optimized the supply chain processes, transportation, purchase, S&OP, inventory, management from technical and operation aspects, and as a result he was appointed to be the regional distributor of Balkan

  • He participated in international projects, e.g. European project to reduce forwarding costs, , SAP and BI implementation. Whole restructuring and merger of 2 warehouses.

  • As a result of reorganizing Customer Service, 100% of orders are being dealt with on the day of arrival. He developed a system for placing claims. NPI's for 3 outsourced suppliers

  • Achievements: consolidated MTO (Make-To-Order) transformed into MTS (Make-To-Stock), On-Time-In-Fill (OTIF) grew from 83% to 97%

  • Paper free office: the growing lot of orders is being processed by the same FTE, achieving a savings in working hours of 20%

  • By supervising supplier contracts, he reduced cost, mostly by reducing transport and procurement costs by 10%.

ST Zrt. –Hungary (2007-2007)
(Company: 20 billion HUF revenue, 240 headcounts)

Business Development Director

  • He was in charge of keeping the level of combined costs and developing a more efficient and faster distribution

  • He optimized the 8 warehouses

  • Wrote a tender for the new forwarding subcontractor

  • Achievements: opened a depot near lake Balaton, for contracted FMCG B2B clients

  • He organized RE for the depot, as well as IT infrastructure, subcontracted forwarders and ensured the necessary workforce

HL Kft. –Hungary (2000-2007)
(Company: 2.5 billion HUF revenue, 220 headcount)

Deputy Director Logistics

  • Later the number of direct and indirect reports doubled doe to the Polish sister company’s staff

  • In charge of production planning for 7 production lines, including 3 external suppliers and off-line production lines

  • Coordinating multi-modal forwarding with 2 warehouses in 2 countries

  • Participated in recruitment, on boarding, performance appraisal

  • When the company opened new factories, he trained and mentored German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Polish colleagues

  • Achievements: developing and running a complex supply chain: operations planning, raw material shipments among companies inbound and outbound, packaging, forwarding finished products, including customs clearance and warehousing

  • Participated in a green field investment where a 174 million EUR plant was built in Poland, and after the construction works have been accomplished, he managed the regional logistic system at several locations, focusing on shipment; savings: monthly 100 million HUF on freight cost.

 IT skills

MS Office Word,Excel, PowerPoint
SAP/R3 (MM, SD, PP modules)

Language skills

  • English: negotiation level

  • Russian: negotiation level

  • German: passive