He used to produce raw materials at XY Kft. for different products of personal hygiene. He proved being a man of pragmatism many times both by launching a plant in Hungary from scratch and by constructing a new site in the Netherlands and building a new production line. He started his professional career as machinery design engineer. He successfully solved a major logistic and distribution task at SZT Kft. (5000 boxes/day, 30 products/box.At ML he conducted an internal audit of operations and achieved improved production efficiency with his suggestions. He believes it is important to comply with different quality assurance requirements,and is experienced in achieving QA targets.
He was not in charge of sales tasks, but he has ample experience in client service. In cooperation with a good sales manager, he achieved significant business results. He works autonomously, is able to take decisions and needs appropriate scope of action in line with his responsibilities. He is capable of respond flexibly to continuously changing conditions.

Main competencies, features

Strong leadership competencies
Planning and implementation

Quality focus

Big-picture view
Organizational talent
Client focus


Informatics system analyst - SZÁMALK
Mechanical engineer – Technical University of Budapest, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, majoring in Machinery Design

Training courses

  • Six Sigma

  • Custom tailored training

  • Communication training

  • Decision making training

  • Negotiations training

  • Customer service training

  • Management program for the Central European region

  • Orientation training in Australia, Philippines, Taiwan and Japan

Professional career

  • 15 years of experience in supply chain and operations

  • Multinational environment

  • Strong client focus

Work experience

KL Kft. –Hungary (2016-)

(Company: 500 million HUF revenue, 28 headcount)


  • Leading the REACH project

  • Dismantling the old production line and installing the new one

  • Developing operations

  • The company makes large size luxury graphic design for interior use

  • Developing and patenting technology for making large scale pictures

  • Designing quality assurance system, strict compliance

  • Designing sales strategy, arrangement of the team

  • Acquiring Hungarian market share, reference jobs

  • Developing strategy to acquire markets abroad

GGG B.V. – the Netherlands (2012-2016)

(Company: 400 million Euros, 140 headcount)

  • A multinational company, making plastic foil for hygienic and medical use

  • In charge of general management, including manufacturing, finance, HR, quality assurance, logistics and engineering

  • Preparing annual budget based on sales plan

  • In charge of building a new plant and production line worth 18 million EUR, managing manufacturing and improvements on the new line. Objective: by launching the new product protecting the company’s market lead position

  • By implementing 5 S and Six sigma methods, improve the factory’s operations indicators

  • Participate at the annual meeting of plant managers, share best practices

  • Significantly improve the reliability index of the installed production line by analyzing fault statistics and introducing preventive maintenance

  • Signing agreement with the power supplier (energy was a substantial cost item on top of raw material and labor cost) 

JK PRODUCTS Kft. (1999-2012) 

  • After a green field investment, organized production in a new plant

  • Led and continuously reorganized business units in line with the company’s development

  • Led the extension of the plant and installation of new production lines

  • Established good relations with local authorities and the owners of the industrial park

  • Played leading role in resolving business critical issues

OP Kft. (1998-1999) 
Telemarketing and Logistics Director

  • Commercial company trading in office supplies, furniture and machinery. Annual revenue 9 million USD. The company has 6000 different products and 4 large stores in Hungary

  • Led telemarketing, customer service, warehouse, product discharge and transport

  • Introduced customer focused processes and mind-set

  • Measuring and analyzing company services and based on the outcome, fixing the main issues

  • Changing processes, introducing result oriented measuring methods for the whole company in order to improve efficiency of the entire organization

AD Hungary Kft. (1994-1998)
Operations Group Manager/ Project Manager

  • Multinational company using direct sale. Annual revenue 16 million USD

  • In charge of transferring the operations from Germany to Hungary

  • Customer Service, IT, transport, inventory management, warehousing, product discharge, maintenance, security and safety, altogether 120 reports

  • Supporting the company’s continuous growth in all functions

  • Setting up an East and South European distribution center

  • Managing the implementation of a new software in Eastern Europe

XC Hungary Kft. (1993-1994) 
Sales Manager

  • Commercial company trading in energy saving equipment

  • Establishing the company

  • Leading the company, in particular Sales

HL Kft. (1990-1993) 
Managing Director

  • Designing and selling auxiliary equipment for the printing industry, machinery for sample prints

  • Establishing a Hungarian-English joint venture

  • Designing and building a gravure sample printer in Germany

MSD (1984-1990)
Deputy Head of Department

  • The company specialized on technical meeting demands of paper industry

  • Managing the department in the Department Head’s absence

  • Leading a 25-strong Corporate Business Community group

  • Designing machinery and whenever necessary, leading the mounting in the plant

 IT skills

  • MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Language skills

  • English: negotiation level

  • Russian: negotiation level

  • German: passive