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The interim manager takes the lead when it comes to changes: he or she takes the driver’s seat at crisis management or exit management, MBI or MBO, management buy-out or buy-in situations to ensure smooth implementation, merger and acquisition, launching some new business, or when the task is to elevate the level of quality or enhance services. He or she supports implementing changes and helps the organization to adapt to a new corporate culture.

An interim manager provides the client with special know-how and expertise that is necessary only in specific stages of the company’s advancement. Therefore the client receives exactly the kind of professional support and for precisely for a period as it is most needed.

Interim managers contribute to the successful accomplishment of turnaround management relying on their expertise and their experience previously accumulated at different companies. These are added values that are typically missing in a management team, making turnaround management a difficult task. After the temporary situation, once the reorganization and culture change have been successfully accomplished, the interim manager passes the management baton to the team which will lead in the long run.

The interim manager may provide active support for switching to a new ERP or a new management module, an outsourcing or insourcing shift, or for the introduction of a new sales channel or technique. Launching a company or a business unit may be considered as a project, just like the acquisition of a company or a merger. Interim managers can be asked to manage some special projects with requirements more significant than the expertise accumulated within the company.

You will need an interim manager when one of your managers suddenly leaves (resigns) or goes away for a definite period of time (e.g. on maternity leave or a sabbatical). In that case there is a need to bridge the gap from day to day, sometimes for a shorter period of time only. Interim management may be a good solution when the leaving manager is replaced by an in-house colleague and there is a gap as a result of this transfer.

Interim managers sign an agreement for a predefined period of time to perform specifically defined tasks. (They sign a contract with Interim Kft. and the latter one signs another agreement with the client.) Our advisors are readily available to help clients specify the tasks. Sometimes it is unclear what parts of the company principally need support. Be that the case, we are happy to conduct analyses based on company audit, relying on the experience of long decades of our interim managers.

Interim managers tackle tasks for private equity companies where one has to implement restructuring, reorganizing and developing strategies at companies in their portfolios and perform it in a short period of time. During these phases, the interim manager’s experience in operations and corporate strategy complements nicely the owner’s financial expertise.

The interim manager can provide great support to the inventor or owner of the original concept and other people doing the development job to ensure that a successful company could develop using on the original idea. In the early phase of the launch companies or significant units usually do not have the necessary financial means or a designated manager whose only job would be to support the project. However, management know-how is necessary to successfully build a company up. This task can be dealt with efficiently and in a cost-saving manner by an experienced interim manager, working one to three days a week.

Interim management is an excellent solution for arranging a company for sale. The current company management is not motivated to work on this issue and the know-how might not be available completely at the company. It is hard to get managers who are motivated to work on long term tasks to do this pre-sale job because the buyer often replaces the old management team. Experienced interim managers are able to take the business on in this phase, and at the moment of the sale can provide special knowledge that will contribute to the success of the sale.

The goal of process optimization is to make existing corporate processes more efficient in a way that eventual overlaps are ended (in other words, synergies be created). The output of optimization is not a piece of paper but the successfully implemented rationalization and cost reduction process which, by releasing energies and letting profitability grow, can get the company prepared for introducing an ERP or launching a new quality assurance system.

Our managers having long experience in top management positions and owning a broad scope of expertise are available to give external support to boards, supervisory committees and consultancy bodies on top of performing their tasks in interim assignments. They benefit from a wide variety of experience gained in different industries and rely on their outstanding professional knowledge. We provide our clients with professional services in a discreet manner to perform in these positions. This way we ensure that the most suitable managers serve in these positions.

By relying on our professional network and broad database we provide our clients with high standard services in searching and selecting top managers and candidates for highly important positions.

In the focus of our human philosophy is the human being. We transfer human knowledge capital that bears values, creates new ones, that contributes to development and achievements. It means that we provide human production values supporting the client’s objectives. Our managers having specific competencies are successful in harmonizing HRM practices with global and local cultural differences.

Our offer:

Complex services: assignments carried out by experienced professionals and managers who have proven track record as leaders, supported by a consultant. Form of the services: interim management.

How does it work in practice? 

Please tell about your needs to one of our consultants and select among our candidates. They are professionals who will help you addressing the temporary situation, managing a project or solving a complex issue. The interim manager will relieve you of your burden and will carry out useful activities of long-lasting effect in the time-frame defined by yourself. It can last for a few days, months, or even a longer period of time. Our consultant will support both you and the interim manager throughout the project.

Typically, interim management is remunerated with a per-diem or daily fee; it is a service provided and invoiced (i.e. not an employment, technically speaking). You will get an invoice for the actually performed days of work, i.e. costs related to sick leaves, bank holidays and other allowances do not apply. 

The interim manager

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